Logic Pro 8 Matching EQ


I'm trying to adjust a subwoofer's level (amateur--not a pro). I'm using Izotope's Ozone. The guide says to find a song with a broad spectrum range, take a snapshot in Ozone's paragraphic EQ, then play the same song through the monitoring system with a mic at ear level and adjust the subwoofer volume until the new EQ line roughly matches that of the original.

OK. I put Ozone on the Output track. Then I import a commercially recorded song into Logic on track 1, loop a section, and take a snapshot of the eq. I then set up the mic and play the loop again. But the new EQ line is a combination of the song on track 1 combined with the input from the mic. I assume the goal is to match the original snapshot EQ using only the input from the mic. Am I right? Or am I just dumb?