Logic Pro (X) Maximum Record time?


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Hi guys,

New to the forum, Logic x and macs in general!

I recently bought a late 2011 MBP with 4GB RAM and 750GB HD, purely for the purpose of recording.
I installed LPX and use a mackie onyx mixer with the additional firewire card to record 10 tracks at a time.

I have made short clips and single songs recording 10 tracks at once with no issues at all.

However, when I recently recorded a live set the project seemed to loose the data - I was left with blank tracks for the length of the recordings (2 x 45 mins).
While recording I could see the audio entering the project as one would expect, and when I went to save it did not have any error messages appear.

Is there a maximum record time that you can do in Logic?
Any other ideas why I may have lost the data?

I have no other things on the mac, so around 650GB of free disc space.
Would it be a RAM issue?

Many thanks,