Logic Studio apps Maybe off-topic. Concerns Cinematic Strings

Jay Denson

This may be off-topic but here goes anyway. I use Cinematic Strings frequently. Often, when I start the track from the beginning, half of my string section isn't playing. I have to quit the patch on each instrument and re-load it - and readjust my settings as well. Purging, etc, doesn't help - it has to be quit the instrument and re-load it from scratch. I don't know if the problem lies with CS or Kontakt (retail). I am using ARTzID special CS16 script with the instruments but I can't see that that is the problem - the instruments seem to be getting MIDI but sweet FA is happening.
There is no apparent contact address/number on their website to I'm asking the wider community if anyone else has this problem. And a solution? It's driving me nuts.