MBOX 2 condenser mic set up help


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Hi all, i'm totally new here first ever post!
I'm also quite new to the equipment i am using.

It's a Logic? Mbox2 question.

Would anyone have ANY systematic advice on the steps needed for setting up a condenser mic on Logic 8 through an MBOX2

I have recorded the backing tracks with not many problems at all.. D i the guitars and bass etc.. but the Vocal signal is either low..distorts.. or suffers from bad latency.
It's quite testing and almost regretting getting the Mbox even tho lots of good reviews about them out there.
I've got to a stage where i do have a signal (had to Bus the entire track to turn my seemingly "HOT" tracks down..) but even with doing that.. it seems i cant have ANY effects over the vocal as i sing into the mic? :brkwl:

This Mix knob is the source of a lot of the confusion...i'm sure it has it's uses but for now i am failing to realise them..
Great site.. please if anyone has a process to follow or any tips that would be chuffing great