MBox 2 with Lion OS X


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I am running:

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1
Logic 9.5.1

As soon as I loaded Lion - the Drivers for the MBox2 were shunted into the Incompatible Software Folder.

I have scoured the net in all the official places and forums for information on Driver Updates and I can't find anything.

Can anyone help with a direct link for the latest Driver for MBox 2 for Lion, or is the answer....there isn't one.

Thanks Guys
Don't you mean Logic 9.1.5?

Anyways, not sure if the M-Box 2 would have made the transition (USB 1 speed, and Avid isn't the kind of co that would support a device of that format).

At Avid did you look for "Core Audio Driver" specifically? I would imagine that if it were to work, the general core audio driver for any device would work, since they usually fold all audio apps into the one installer.