MC Control randoly selects tracks with Ext MIDI


I am desperate. Euphonix say they cannot reproduce my problem and Apple doesn't care either.
I can reproduce the issue with two different MC Controls on four different newly installed Macs.

When using External MIDI tracks connected to multi-instruments and pressing i.e. play on the Control or any key on a MIDI keyboard, the MC Control randomly banks to different tracks.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Start Logic 8.0 to 9.1.1 in either 64bit or 32bit mode and have the Control switched on. Create a new project
2) Create one Software Instrument track, uncheck multi-timbral
3) Load any Audio Unit into this track, doesn't matter which.
4) In the environment create a Mutlti-Instrument and activate all 16 channels. Cable it to the software-instrument
5) In the Arrange create 16 External MIDI tracks (Track - New... - External MIDI). Make sure all tracks are assigned to the multi-instrument you just created.
6) Repeat steps 2 to 5
7) Save the project an ropen it
8) Select any of the MIDI tracks and press play on the MC Control.
The faders will randomly jump to 4 other tracks.

The more multi-instruments you have in your project, the higher the number of times this happens. Instead of hitting play you can also press any key on a MIDI keyboard.

I told Euphonix these steps, but they say the cannot reproduce it. I can on 4 macs with 2 different MC Controls.

So please, of you have a MC Control (or a MC Mix, maybe it happens there, too): Please, please, please try it out!!! This bug makes working so difficult and Euphonix and Apple just deny the problem.


I can confirm this behaviour, I also sent a report about it to Apple.

kind regards