MC Mix: bypass and add plugin?


Searching the manual without finding it, guess I can't do this with MC Mix, just want to make sure by asking you experts.

- When I'm "inside" a plug-in (I've pressed the softbutton) with various parameters spread over the MC Mix-display - is there anyway to temporarily bypass the plug-in from the MC Mix? Or do I always have to go up one level pressing CHAN first?

- Can a new plug in be added using MC Mix or do I have to do that from the computer?

I use Logic by the way.


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I don't know whether this thread is still relevant but I can give you an answer.

1. I was also searching for this bypass function you described - I couldn't find it either. I also have a MC control hence I can edit the parameters on the Control and mute the plugin on the Mix (or vice versa of course). I worry that there is no convenient solution with only one device.

2. You can add a new plugin by pressing the two page buttons at a time. I'm sure you figured that out in the meantime ;)



(on 2) Actually I didn't figure it out. Haven't used the MC Mix for a while.
Thanks I'll try it.
(on 1) Strange with no bypass insid the plugin, I'm sure I'm not the only one using it all the time to compare sounds with or without an effect.


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Just a thought, not in the studio right now. Couldn't you bypass plugins by slecting channel mode and than using the "on" button between the "panpots" right under the "sel" button. Not shure if it will work, but it would make sense. I use these buttons all the time for activating or bypassing sends on my channels. Just a thought.