MCMix&Fader Values


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I really had hard time with McMix from day one to day now. Always something went wrong. First I thought buying the McControl too. But now that's enough.

I want to concentrate on my Music and do this by using my tools. But unfortunately I only had to concentrate on McMix to work properly.

Now it works after tons of communication with the team. They are all good and helpful. They solved every issue. But every issue's solving time plus e-mailng and so forth is a sum of not doing what was intended to do.

Just a few weeks everything was fine now the numerical value of the faders isn't visible on the OLed display of McMix. And I need those numerical values in my workflow. I wrote the issue to Euphonix and they told me that this is an issue with Logic 9.01. and will be solved soon. But when it comes to marketing they say that Logic McMix and Apple are a power trio. Well what a trio:brkwl:

You see, yes "will be solved soon". Sum all so many "soons" and what have you got. Plenty of headache and pain in the ass:angryfire:.

I don not recommend to buy McMIx to use it with Logic anyway.

Hope this message will help everybody both the consumer and the producer.



I must admit that i am glad I did not jump on the MC bandwagon. I thought about getting the control, but after trying out the MCMix, I decided that there was going to be a long wait until it could compete with (what I currently use) the Mackie Control.
There's lots to like about the Euphonix controllers, especially the small footprint and if they worked like they do in all the videos it'd be great.
Love to hear what other experiences people are having... Especially those that have previously used (for a long time) MCUs.