Logic Pro 9 Mega Re-instal


Hi gang,

My mac dual quad-core has been acting flakey lately. I also don't get great performance from logic: low memory issues. I know some of that is caused by using different plugins simultaneously but one of the guys at apple thinks I should do a clean instal of Snow Leopard and then each program.

I cannot tell you how daunting this sounds to me. It's true many of my libraries ended up on this computer through migrations but I"m wondering if this approach is the best one.

I'm also concerned about getting all my plugins up and running. The libraries are on a separate drive but getting the plugs installed seems like it can be a mess. Esp since my original discs are outdated.

Any advice on this topic would be appreciated.



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Doing a completer reinstall can be a time consuming task, IMO it is more boring than daunting.

One thing I would suggest - remove your current OS/System Hard drive, keep it stored in a safe place, pop in a new one and start from scratch with that. That way, if something goes wrong or the re-install doesn't solve what you wanted it to, at least you can revert back to your old system. Given the very low cost of even 1 TB or larger drives, if you reckon in the amount of time you would have invested in setting up your system, it just doesn't make sense to not buy a new one.

kind regards and good luck
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what mark said. I have two OS drives for this very reason, then i dont have to do it all at once. make sure to list where any presets you have made are stored, ( they can be in many different places depending on the plug) so you can copy them over.
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