Logic Pro 8 Melodyne and Logic 8?

I was about to buy Melodyne Essential when I looked at the System Reqs and it listed only Logic 9. Does anyone know if the current build will work with Logic 8? Also, if anyone can reconfirm that the 'Essential' (cheapest) version will work as a plug-in in my channel strip, that was my other concern. I think it does though. Thanks!

Macbook Pro 4GB RAM
2ghz Quadcore i7
OSX 10.6.8
Logic 8 Studio
Apogee Duet FW
Presonus Firestudio
I would suggest you do a few things that will TRANSFORM you computer and system to be much much better:

1) it looks like you have a new MacBookPro. Upgrade it to 16Gb ram (check out OWC for the ram).
2) Upgrade to Logic 9. Logic 8 was the worst POS version of Logic since who knows when. 9 Was a major upgrade in regards to use and reliability.
3) If you can upgrade to the better version of Melodyne your mind will be blown by the ability top quantize and tune polyphonic parts (like a guitar playing chords for example).

Yes they all cost a bit, but the results will be like day and night. And if you attempt to make a living off this gear, it will pay for itself in saved time and the ability to work faster, in very little time.

And if you aren't sure about my suggestions, ask a few other people who use Logic on a daily basis and see what they say. $400 to $500 will do so much. The order is also the best: the extra ram will allow you to use more of everything and rely less on things like when you computer runs out of ram and becomes slow as molasses, then Logic Pro 9 and Flex time, among other things, and Melodyne Editor... well here is a chart that should answer your initial question:


Good luck, and let me know how things go after you do my upgrade suggestions (if you do ;-)
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Thanks for the suggestions, George. I don't have the money to do those upgrades right now, but I certainly have all of them as goals. I'm not doing this for a living, in fact, I'm working my day job to fund my small studio (very slowly and patiently). I have an album that is ready to be mastered and released, but we would really like to adjust the pitch on about 5 vocal words and a handful of cello and violin notes (in their solos). I thought the $99 Melodyne was perfect for this, especially because I can upgrade later for the cost difference. From the Melodyne tutorials, it looks like I could spend a couple hours installing the software and tuning up these notes, then the album would be done. We've been working on it for a little over a year and are really anxious to have it pressed.

They offer a 30 day free trial, so I will start with that and see if it works. I will also start saving $200 for Logic 9. I can't upgrade my current version because my friend and I split the cost of the Educational version of L8 Studio, which cannot be upgraded, d'oh!
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UPDATE: Melodyne essential 2.0 works perfectly with Logic Pro 8 (so far). I actually thought I would have to do more work to get it to work correctly (like bouncing in place) but it works just as I would have hoped, very intuitively. Also, as a fall back, it works as a standalone app, so it would be easy to fix notes that was and then import into any DAW.
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