Logic Pro 9 Melodyne Editor and Logic 9


Does anybody else have a problem that the Melodyne Editor sometimes doesn't follow the song and doesn't keep the value in the pitch window. With the last one I mean if I set it to 100% next time I open it, it has set itself to somewhere in the middle.

I have to ask because I'm on a G5 so I only use 9.02 which makes me unable to post Celemony because the problem may not exist on MacIntels and 9.11. I haven't seen much debate about this so I figure that maybe it's only on my ancient machine that this occurs.
I have had issues where Melodyne plug-in would not playback correctly. It would Track, adjust the notes and look like it was working, but pitch corrected audio was not streaming. I haven't used Melodyne very often, but that one time it was doing this it just randomly fixed itself and started working. Not sure what the deal was.
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I have no problems with Melodyne apart from the ones I mentioned in the opening thread. Please also reply if you don't have these issues, they are very easy to try out, especially the "not staying at 100%" issue.
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Do some try-out runs, different from your normal workflow, to see when and when not it faults. If you normally set pitch to a 100% by dragging the pitch-macro slider from left to right, you can set the cursor directly on 100% instead. Or select your stuff and double-click it with the pitch-tool. Does some work and some not? If you save the whole project while the pitch is at 100%, you'll force Melodyne to disobey that on it's own, also worth trying. Some complaints have been buzzing that Melodyne sometimes mysteriously falls asleep forgetting it's duties. No, I have not experienced that myself but then again I have an extremely primitive copy of it. A silly software, not capable of performing advanced flaws like that on it's own,) With Logic 9.1 and Editor 1.1.5 everything works 100%
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I think I have tried all that and it always forgets the 100% setting but it's not always the same setting it goes to afterwards, the lack of follow song is more random.
Melodyne is such a common plugin and the lack of threads on this subject and replies on this one suggests that it's just a problem on my ancient machine which will be upgraded as soon as Apple gets their act together and update their Pros.
Thanks for the replies, and of course if other people experience these issues please reply so Celemony can be made aware that there is a problem.
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Download and use Editor 1.1.5. It fixes a lot of bugs. Just to make sure, do you know that the pitch-macro slider always defaults back to 0% when being opened without anything selected? Only if you select a pitch-edited blob, it shows you the pitch-value used on that blob. This behaviour is wrong thinking by Celemony because it's confusing and no-one is going to open the pitch-macro with the intention of using 0% pitch-correction. I suggested you not to use sliding, since one often pauses a little somewhere on the way up and the macro must get it's value from somewhere.

Select a blob out of tune, move it up 3 steps so it's audible. (But it is still out of tune). Select it and set the macro to 100% correction. U can read the pitch deviation in Hz in the tool-bar. Close the macro-window. When u open it without any blobs selected, the macro displays 0% but when you select your edited blob it should show you your 100% correction in the macro and zero Hz deviation in the tool-bar Hz display. And u should be able to hear if it is in tune or not. So the macro only shows you the value being used on selected and edited blobs. In all other cases "the pitch-macro always displays zero" but the pitch correction is actually performing your edit. Does this help?
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I think I already use the most recent version and I never open that window without anything selected, why would you....
Anyway I'm not entirely sure what version I use so I will certainly try this asap, thanks.
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Actually, if you open the macro with nothing at all selected, all blobs are going to be pitch-corrected so "nothing selected" is and active mode. (The macro will show your value the next time you open though).

If you select one blob, correct it to 100% and close it, then select 2 blobs whereas the second blob is not corrected, you are going to see 50% as the macro value.

So depending on which blob-groups you select, you will end up with the result you describe above, different values all the time.

A bit of the same goes for tempo. If you manually select 120 bps it will record so, if you do not select any value yourself, the software will try to interpret your intentions and change the recorded tempo on it's own during the song. You will end up with complications later if you want to quantize it to a steady beat using the grid. Could that be what you are getting?
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