Memory for Macbook Laptop


Have folks had experience installing 16 GB RAM in their Macbook Pros? I have a 15 inch late 2011 model (Intel Core i7) and I want to upgrade the memory. Apple's website says the limit on the model is 8 GB, but I see on some forums people talking about a place (Other World Computing) that sells 16 GB of memory for those models. I assume Apple is right? I would like to have the maximum amount of memory so i can run Logic smoothly.


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I did the 16GB upgrade from Other World Computing on my work MBP -- same model you're asking about -- and it works just fine.
OWC tests their upgrades. Apple releases a machine before the larger chips are ready, so they were only going to guarantee the 8 GB of ram.

So Apple is correct is guarantying the 8GB only.But the machine will take 16GB no problems.


Thanks for the responses. Last question: although the laptop will take the extra memory, will it do any good? Will the CPU only be able to use 8 GB and just let the rest of the memory sit there?

Doesn't work like that. The CPU will use all available ram (up to 16 GB if it's the i7 CPU). It won't ignore the extra, it will use it for things like samples, etc. If you are running LOgic in 64 bit mode, and have large EXS or other 3d party sample libs, you have LOTS of headroom.
I have a client who has a template that uses 12 GB of samples (mostly strings and symphonic stuff) and he can work so much faster because of the extra space.

Plus, the ram price is cheap... it's an awesome investment. The only other thing one could upgrade would be the drives, to 7200 RPM drives, or better yet, SSD drives. I have 2 in my laptop system: a 250 for the system, and a 480 for samples and record space.