Logic Pro 9 memory problem...or Logic problem?????


I have a MacPro octo 2.66 w/10gb ram. I opened 2 instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP). VEP 1 (32 bit) had 1 Oceanway drum kit. VEP 2 (64 bit) had a Trilian acoustic bass and Stylus RMX with 4 inst loaded.
All was well UNTIL I decided to open an NI Acoustic piano directly into Logic 9.1 as an AU. I got a message that said I was running out of memory and should reboot Logic. There's got to be something wrong here, in that this Logic project is just not big enough to cause this. I was using Logic in 64 bit mode...
Another thing is that when I work on Logic......leave for a couple of hours....I get some strange behavior , to the point of even having to reboot the computer and reload everything............this, I believe is also unacceptable behavior. Any ideas would be appreciated.
HI Bruce, Here's a link for the Vienna Ensemble Pro beta version. I was having similar problems and it helped. I keep pretty much all of my instruments outside of Logic using the Vienna server. I'm running 10.5.8 on my main computer and have 8 projects opened in the server, each hosting RMX or Kontakt multi instruments.

My 2nd computer is running 10.6.2 with a 64b and 32b Vienna running each hosting about 2 multi timbral instruments like Omnisphere.

My system is now pretty stable. I keep as much 'outside' of Logic as possible which is pretty absurd considering how powerful my MacPro is. I have the same on as you and I have 16 GB of RAM. I'm not migrating to Snow Leopard until I'm sure it will be better than what I have working now.

Here's the link for the Vienna Ensemble Pro server beta update. It might be available at the Vienna website. I haven't checked in a while. good luck!



Judith...thanks very much for your reply to my post. I too, am a VEP beta tester, and actually just got a private beta from Karel today that's later than the currently posted beta version. It's for an installation issue that I've got, but before this, I was using the latest..5314 I believe.
I am on Snow Leopard, but understand that I had my Trilium and Stylus RMX in VEP 64 and 1 Oceanway kit loaded in VEP 32..... and ONLY wanted to load 1 Akoustik Piano directly into Logic 9.1. Though I have a slave machine with VEP, there is absolutely no reason for me to get the running out of memory message with just these few (though memory intense) instruments. It is the top of the line, latest Mac Pro, and for what this thread is about, 10 GB should be plenty.
If I can't use Oceanway Drums, Trilian, Stylus and Akoustic Piano.....just these four instruments ONLY, in Logic.......even w/o VEP......we've got a big, big problem.
I'm surprised that you can't use them. What does the activity monitor say in terms of your memory usage? Jeesh......... you're right though, this is kind of ridiculous. Please do keep on posting if you find a solution.


i had the same problem...except my 32 bit server continually crashed when i loaded steinberg's the grand 3. maybe its a vienna issue..???


I suspect the Running out of memory error is a generic response from the OS. It may or may not be accurate.

Open Console up and see what is happening with the system in real time. I find the console is one of the best ways to trouble shoot the system.

Also, Are you opening akoustic via the akoustic PLug-in? or via Kontakt 4? Maybe try accessing it via Kontakt 4 instead?