Logic Pro 9 Merge regions is moving my audio! randomly


hey guys heres the scenario. im cutting up drums (around 14 tracks) and aligning them to the grid, after im done chopping through i go back and drag all the left corners out to smooth all the edits, then Shift = for merge all regions per tracks....... BUT tracks that have slate Trigger, some PSP plugins, or a few choice plugins, the newly created track is late, enough to hear slight flaming (when i compare the OH tracks with the kick)
my tracks are all grouped together. this isnt bad in itself but SOMETIMES IT DOESNT DO IT!! it seems like only when i have ALOT of regions to be merged it almost is like it "forgets about PDC" can anyone else varify that this happens and im not the only one? cut a track into say 500 consecutive regions and quantize. put TRIGGER on the track and merge the regions togther (NOT bip) zoom way in, has your audio moved?