Logic Pro 8 Merging without Normalizing in Logic 8


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I'm merging tracks in Logic 8 but it keeps normalizing the tracks to the point of distortion. I'd rather merge with no normalization whatsoever, looked in the manual which says I can adjust the amount of normalization in the functions settings window, but I've gone through every window I can find and I can't find the one the manual shows. Help! The only adjustment I can find for normalization is in the bounce window which I've turned off -- Hasn't helped.

Pete Thomas

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There should be no normalistaion at all with merging. Is it possib;e you are merging a stereo file with a mono file? Or a stereo files on a mono track?

I know this sort of thing used to cause increase in amplitude, not sure if it still does but worth checking.


are you merging audio regions together on the same track so you have one long region rather then multiple regions? or are you merging regions together from different tracks? if you're doing the latter...anytime you merge audio regions together from different tracks there's going to be an increase in amplitude. it's the same concept as summing all your tracks at your main output. if you "solo" the tracks you want to merge and watch the main output levels you can then lower the levels to where you want them...particularly so they're not in the red. otherwise, if you're merging just to make one whole region on one track then there shouldn't be a problem as merging regions is "Pre-Channel Strip Plug-Ins"...hope this helps!

Pete Thomas

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Thanks, Pete, it's a stereo bounce to mono thing.
Yes, well it's combining the two sides, so adding them together.

Not sure the best way round this, but maybe do a bounce rather than merge.

ie solo these two regions (make sure any aux sends are off), then bounce out of an output with "add to bin" ticked, then add them back to arrange and delete the originals.

Anyone got a quicker more elegant solution?