Metering, time to move on


I've used Inspector XL for quite some years and simply love it. But now we're entering 64bit land I have to move on. I can't seem to find anything to replace it with. What do you guys use?

I have FreeG, but it's too simple and much harder too read than IXL.
I have IK multimedia TR 3, but it's RMS implementation is hard to read.
Logic's built-in is too small to use for something serious.
I want an AU-plug, Audiofile-enginerings Spectre is to fidly..

To me IXL was just about perfect and it's impressive that it has lived this long..



I certainly think it is an area that could be easily improved within Logic. Given the consensus that working ITB sounds 'better' when allowing for lots of available headroom that 24bits give you it's strange that the meters serve to make you want to push the level when in fact plugs and internal summing works 'better' at lower levels.

Surely the meters can be worked on?



Yes, One of the things I'm really hoping for in Logic X is top notch metering. Big Fat Scaleable meters... :)

Btw, I ended up buying Spectre. The bundle is actually very cool, and although they are a bit finicky to set up, it is übercool having enormous level meters on monitor 2, directly metering the input of my ensemble while recording. I do a lot of voiceover and radio commercials with actors and it's so much easier to work now that I have these huge things in front of me.. :) They also come with an AU level-meter so I'm well covered. Heres a quick screenshot of my second monitor.