Metric Halo 2882 & SPL Channel One


Hi there,

I am thinking about if it makes sense to keep my SPL Channel One because recently I bought a Metric Halo 2882.
Are there any experiences concerning this combination of high quality gear?

I just thought about using the Channel One for low noise recordings connecting the Channel One's Output with Analog In of the 2882. Do you think that this makes sense or does the 2882 record low noise signals even better than Channel One Does?

If that would be the fact what kind of preamp would you recommend in combination with the metric halo 2882?

Thank You very much!!!

First off - gratz on owning the Channel One- SPL gear is often missed in discussions of high end gear, and they truly make world-class gear at a very good price...

Secondly, if you've been using the Channel One and you are happy with the sound, there is really no reason to stop using it just because you got yourself a new audio interface. There are some other things, like EQ-ing, De-Essing, etc.. that the SPL performs going in, that you may benefit from...

You might actually consider bypassing the Metric Halo converters in favor of using SPL's own A/D and going into the 2882 digitally...


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Until I started using a ULN 8 I made frequent use of the combination Channel One and 2882 for single track overdubs including vocals. It's a good combination IMO, and I still have and make use of both.

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Thank You Mark & Eddie!!

Your comments make it easier for me and I will try your suggestions!!!

Have a great evening!

Cheers from Hamburg,