metric halo for dummies


i own uln2 2d and logic. need a basic tutorial on how to record logic through uln2 and back into logic. i am a musician but not too technically inclined. have looked at video tutorials at the mh website but still need help. would love to do it all from logic and still be able to apply mh 2d card plug-ins. again, its gotta be basic. appreciate if you can provide some guidance in whatever manner possible. i've read about your legendary quick responses so i thank you beforehand.


should have i should have been more specific but i am trying to record tracks i have created in logic (mid and audio) in and through the mio console/mixer, utilizing mio plug-ins and then work with them in logic. if possible i would like to do all this without leaving logic. kindly let me know how this can be done in a step by step tutorial. again thanks.

Old thread, but I see this question asked a lot. Your answer is in the plugin utility>I/o

There you can create sends on every track to the MIO console. You then need to setup your console to send back the audio to logic.

E.g. Create a new track in MIO console, put daw3 as input and fw3 as direct output. (after the plugins) you can now insert a MIO strip and use the character. You put an I/o plugin on your guitar track in logic and you're good to go!

For more information see p134 of the mh user guide
Or this SOS article