Metric Halo Group Buy -25% !!!


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Here's the offer from my good friend Steve Devino, an authorized Metric Halo dealer:

Hey everybody, as some of you may already know I am an authorized dealer for Metric Halo, the maker of ULN8, LIO8, ULN2 ands 2882 Firewire audio interfaces for Apple Macintosh Computers. Lynn and Metric Halo have graciously extended permission to offer members of the 3D Audio Forums and their friends an opportunity to purchase discounted Metric Halo interface hardware via a group discount.

In order to achieve the discount we will need a commitment of 5 or 10 MIOs (combination of 2882. ULN2, LIO8 or ULN8). So the process will commence in two stages:
First there will be a 2 week signup period where interested participants can register their intent to place an order as part of the group buy. This can be done by going to my website at and filling out the form. There is no cost to register.

Registrations will be accepted for 2 weeks. At that point if we have enough units registered I will generate a coupon and email it to each person who is signed up. You will then have 10 days in which to placer your actual order via google checkout using a credit card. All units will ship directly from the Metric Halo factory based on availability and backlog. You will be responsible for paying the shipping as well.

You will be able to add options such as +DSP license, upgraded mic preamps as appropriate for each unit when you place the order.

Here is a sample of the types of discounts that are achievable at 10 units:
ULN8 $5995 list. 5 Units = $4796, 10 units = $4496 vs $5395 my normal price.
*LIO8 (base unit) $3995 list. 5 units = $3196, 10 units = $2996 vs $3455 my normal price.
*2882 expanded +DSP $2595 list. 5 units = $2076, 10 units = $1945 vs $2334 my normal price.
*ULN2 expanded +DSP $2394 list. 5 units = $1915, 10 units = $1795 vs $2154 my normal price.
*Prices with or without options will be proportional.

Again shipping is not included in these prices. Returns will NOT be accepted except for warranty or defect only.

Please feel free to spread the word to get the volumes to max discount range! Please feel free to ask questions here on the forum or separately to me via email if you like.

1. Signups are open to Forum members and their friends. Please spread the word.
2. You may sign up for more than 1 type of MIO or for more than 1 MIO of a particular type if you like.
3. The signup period will end at midnight December 10, 2010 Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).
4. The group targets are as follows:
- 5 to 9 MIOs will result in a 20% discount from Metric Halo's advertised US list price.
- 10 or more units will result in a 25% discount from Metric Halo's advertised US List price.
- prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be determined at time of order and will not be subject to discount.
5. The group buy is open to US and non-US customers alike. All sales will be made via Granite Rocks Live online website using Google Checkout and a credit card. Orders may be declined at the discretion of Granite Rocks Live.
6. If a minimum of 5 units is not reached by the end of the signup period (see #3 above) the group buy for that model type will be canceled.
7. Once the signup deadline is reached, registered participants will be sent a Google Checkout Coupon providing the group discount.
8. All orders must be placed and paid for by December 17th 2010 at midnight eastern standard time (GMT -5).
9. Granite Rocks does not accept returns for other than defect or warranty issues. So all sales are final.