Logic Pro 7 & earlier metronome click audio disappeared


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Can anyone help please?

My metronome click sound has disappeared. I have tried the help in logic but without success.

I am using Emagic Logic Platinum 5.1

dav_drum :(


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Hi, and welcome to the LUG.

As you are using Logic 5.5.1, I moved your post to the legacy forum.

Have you checked that the metronome icon in the transport is on, and that Klopfgeist is working? Those would be the two basics I would look at first of all.

kind regards

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For the life of me, I can't get a click going...metronome icon is enabled, prefs have it enabled in both rec and play and using klopfgeist (though Note and Velocity are greyed out), from the Environment I have the output going to 1-2 (stereo out), level is at 0.0db. Yet when I hit Play there's nothing. No audio, no meter deflection, nothing...what the ding-dong am I missing?
TIA, Tom
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