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I've search multiple forums and can't find a solid answer. How do I get a click track that isn't just the same monotone beat of the one in mainstage? Logic has a better built in one, that is because it uses the Klopfgeist, yet in Mainstage, I can't get it to work! I have achieved separating the metronome on a different audio out, but I just need a proper tone. Also Mainstage wont let me change the tempo in the playback, and says "disabled." what's up with that? I've been searching forums all day long with bits of answers. can anyone help me?
Try the Ultrabeat plug-in. Lots of post out there on how to set it up. If you can't get it to work post back here and I'll talk you through it.

Regarding the tempo, there are various things that need to happen. Is your track an Apple Loop or exported from Logic (imbedded tempo info). If yes, you should be able to set the tempo in the patch list inspector. You need sync to be on for this to be effective.
First off, thanks for the reply! Truly appreciate it. I've been seening Ultrabeat as a solution, but didn't want to have to set that up. After getting some rest from my run of learning Mainstage for 12 hours straight yesterday, I guess it's the way I will go, because i do want customizable clicks, and now I feel less frustrated haha. As far as the audio file, it is from Logic, but it's wav, should it be CAF, I know it carries more info than wav, but does wav not carry tempo files? I'll go ahead and give CAF a try and start programming my Ultrabeat. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Still lost about the whole Klopfgeist thing though, oh well, I guess it's for the best.

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I don't think it makes a difference what type file it is but CAF is the best bet. I think you need to use an export function rather than just grab a file recorded in Logic. Your markers (if you use them) will be included in this information.
you can make any metronome sound you want.. you can trigger the Playback plug-in to start playback. If you add the Playback plug-in to a channel strip at the concert level, you can set it up to play the metronome when the clock is started in any patch. If you turn on Playback's Sync option, it will conform to tempo changes too.

Use Logic to make the kind of metronome the drummer wants to hear, then export out a one bar cycle range. In MainStage, make sure you import the file, activate the cycle mode in Playback, and add the options to start automatically with clock start. See the gear menu in Playback.