Logic Pro 7 & earlier Metronome crash work around

Thanks to this fantastic forum I was spared endless crashing of my Logic 6.4.1 whenever I tried to turn the metronome off or on after I switched my OS from 10.3.9 to 10.4.11. I was advised to simply use the short cut C key. Duh! All was good for months until for some reason it switched to only playing the metronome on count in in record. This has it's obvious drawbacks! I'm in the last stages of finishing a cd and don't want to mess with my otherwise stable system by reverting back to 10.3.9 to deal with the problem. Does anyone have any work around suggestion for restoring the metronome on record? Thank you so much!
FIXED IT!! I went into recording options which also gives the mentronome options (without opening song settings) and unchecked the click only on count it and volia! Sorry to be premature in my plea for help!