Logic Pro 8 Metronome in Logic Express 8


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Hello everybody,

I'm having some trouble with my metronome while recording. Mainly, I can't hear it. At all. It's really quite frustrating.

I have Logic's master volume turned all the way up, as well as the volume bar in the Metronome section of Settings. Still, though, I can't hear it over my instruments. Is there a volume bar I'm missing somewhere? Anybody have any fixes for this? That would be much appreciated.



There is an actual Channel Strip that controls the click volume as well.

Go in to your Mixer Window. Make sure you are in "All" view, not "Arrange" view.

Scroll to the right, at the end of your audio tracks. You'll find a Channel Strip called "Click". And it will be in solo safe mode by default (a slash through the "S" button. You can further control it's level and sound here.
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