Metronome volume


This may already be possible so I would appreciate it if someone could advise me if I'm doing something wrong here.

I usually use a drum loop to record my music against so as to keep in strict time and then pass on to my drummer to replace with actual drums. However, I've recently been working on a project with particular time changes (16/8 to 3/4 and back etc etc) that meant it was more practical to write in with the metronome. No probs with this until I came to record guitar and bass parts along with the metronome part. I found that the default setting for the metronome volume was already set to full but this was inadequate for playing the guitar parts against. If I reduce the volume of the guitars against the metronome to remedy the situation the logic amp or Fx sounds / presence etc decreases also, affecting the dynamics of the guitar signals and, accordingly, how I then have to play the guitar parts. It would be great if the metronome volume could be boosted to a decent volume to play other parts against.
Have you tried playing with the tone of the metronome (metronome settings,) often a brighter sound is easier to distinguish (although be careful about bleed from the headphones making its way into the recorded sound.) alternatively if you would like you can get direct access to the klopf instrument (I'm sure there are other ways but I tend to head through the environment window.) it's essentially a normal channelstrip so you can use the fader or alternatively some dynamics to shape the attack to make it more audible, eq etc.