Microphone, etc.

Tom Senff

I've been using an APOGEE DUET set up for my vocals in LOGIC and since updating to the latest OS on my MAC, the DUET won't work anymore and buying another APOGEE set-up is too expensive for me. I need some advice on which system or software to buy to use on vocals recordings that is good but inexpensive....... I'm using the latest MAC OS and the latest LOGIC software.

Thanks MUCH!


Kuru Prionz

New Member
I recently got an SSL 2+ used for about $240 and I am impressed by the quality of the audio, from the inputs to the outputs.
Features I love are the dual headphone amps with separate volume, the Monitor Mix knob, which adjusts input volume to the sound coming back from the DAW. It makes it easy to track in sync, essentially latency free. And, the Stereo to Mono switch, that's nice to have.
If you buy a new one you'll get the complete software bundle, I couldn't get the SSL stuff. Too many plugins already!

Kuru Prionz

New Member
I should have added that the SSL 2+ is USB class compliant for Mac so there is no software to install and it shouldn't kick you off the bus for a good long while.