Logic Pro 9 Microphone volume low

I am a newbie, apologies.

I am using a USB microphone to record vocals, and the input level is too low no matter how close I get to the mic and no matter how high I turn up the gain. This exact same setup works perfectly in Garage Band. And the help file in Logic Pro 9 does not seem to contain anything about this topic.

If you have run into this problem before, I would appreciate your thoughts.
Your input level is always happening before Logic. If your USB mic came with no additional hardware or software to help you, you may find that you can raise your level by going into your System Preferences>Sound and see it you can't adjust something there.

Not sure why it works in GB and not in Logic....
It worked!

Thanks, that helped. BTW extra thanks because I saw this question posted in several other places on line without the right answer.

Also BTW System Preferences is in the top left Apple menu, for Apple OS X.:)