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Checked if there were any previous posts about this subject and I hope I will get some support cause the biggest part of the world makes microtonal music:India, Indonesia, Middle East, Arabic world, Turkish world, China etc. etc.
I don't understand why it is still not being implemented and like to have your thoughts about it cause I think it's not fair.
The way it is implemented today is a sort of workaround say for example you retune a c# to a microtone but because you are limited to maximum twelve tones in an octave you end up losing the c#.
I make musing my whole life and have been using a lot of gear and different DAW's(Cubase, Protoools Hd) from the splicing analog tape time, Amiga, Atari, pc till now Logic studio for some years.
It's a brilliant package and very powefull but I play Turkish instruments like the baglama familly which has 17 tones in an octave but if I want to use these instruments or their recordings inside my DAW or Garageband they all get confused and it just doesn't work.Some Turkish music can even have above 100 tones in an octave.
All modern software and plug-ins and even hardware are based on 12 semitones in an octave system so I cannot use audio harmonizers, audio to midi converters, autotune plug-ins, Apple Garageband or Ableton live or Band in a box functions.
I wrote to so many developers but all they answer is a standard reply like hard to implement or nobody asks for it. Just don't get it.
There are very good microtuning specialist with whom Apple can cooperate and Celemony Melodyne is starting to support it, Garritan, Motu Ethno plug-in and www.hi-pi.com supports it but my main workhorse Logic not and that's a big pity.
Ohmstudio is talking about a nice online music making feature but they forget that if someone with microtuning comes in and Ohmstudio cannot translate this it won't work.
Sorry for my long message and thanks for reading.


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12 tones max

Thanks georgelegeriii but you're still stuck with maximum 12 tones in an octave I guess.It's doable one or another way but say if I would use Apple loops and I import a microtuning loop or microtuned chords they will maybe confirm to the beat but not to the right tone and audio harmonizers won't work just as autotune and audio to midi stuff or when using band in a box in DAW plug-in mode.


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micro- and adaptive tuning

I would also like to see microtuning with more than 12 pitches per octave. I would also like to know if anyone has successfully implemented adaptive tuning without having to edit pitch for every single note. I tried programming this in the environment years ago - but programming this in 7-bit cabled arithmetic was really messy. I'm still in LA 4.0, so maybe there's another way of programming logic now?

For those that don't know - adaptive tuning is done all the time by real musicians with unfretted or non-keyed instruments. They just alter pitch slightly to match the real harmonics of the root note in a chord, for example.

Programs like Reaper where you can insert Python or C-code make this trivial.


In 10.2.0
The tuning tables are no longer available. The only options offered to the user are:
ET, User (which have to be manually set for each note each time), and HMT ( which sounds lame;-)

Previously it was possible to select microtunings from the tunings folder.

Also every time that Logic is upgraded, the previously added microtunings are deleted and replaced by the Apple defaults.

Does Apple follow a hidden agenda to promote Hermode Tuning at the expense of other more adventurous and flexible tuning systems?



I'm seeing 'fixed' as well which takes you to various scl tunings - I do agree they should not get deleted though and really need an easier way to import new ones. I would also like to see microtuning per instrument, particularly as it was taken out of Alchemy for some reason.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 22.12.55.jpg


But on the version I have the Fixed, Type, and Root Key part of the window are missing in this update.
The result is that users have to set each of the 12 values when changing tunings, instead of selecting from a pulldown menu.


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But on the version I have the Fixed, Type, and Root Key part of the window are missing in this update.
The result is that users have to set each of the 12 values when changing tunings, instead of selecting from a pulldown menu.
Just to state the obvious (apologies if you already know this): Make sure that Show Advanced Tools and Advanced Editing are checked in the Preferences->Advanced Window.

Here, when setting Software Instrument Scale to Fixed, the pull down menu with around 100 types becomes available. This is in Logic Pro X 10.2.0 running in OSX 10.9.5

HTH, kind regards

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Thanks a million Mark. I am still getting familiar with Pro X, as everything seems to have been moved or changed.