Midi Bin

How about a bin for midi data?

In certain projects that I've worked on, when using a lot of midi instruments, I would have found it useful to have somewhere, like the audio bin, where I could put chunks of midi data incase I wanted to recall them later.

In the past I've used a midi track with no instrument associated with it, just as a dumping ground but this can be messy and confusing.

Would anyone else find this useful or is it just me?

Orren Merton

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How about a bin for midi data?
I have wanted this myself for a long time. :)

The closest thing that there had been to this was the "Trash" in earlier versions of Logic, which showed you deleted MIDI regions in context (meaning, the Trash was a hidden Arrange window). But I'd much prefer a bin!

I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I've never used older versions of Logic but I usually just use a bunch of no output tracks too. I wonder why they removed the 'trash' from the older version?
yup - one of the things I miss from PT - surprised Logic doesn't have this...
What do most of you do keep a folder of unused midi regions?


When I need to, I mute and hide the tracks; usually at the main arrange level - not in a folder. But if its a big project I'll pack them into a folder and then mute and hide the folder track.

And I agree - some sort of MIDI Bin would be an excellent practical feature.
MIDI bin = very good idea!

I have often wished for such. In addition to doing all the above mentioned tricks I find that by saving incremental versions of a project I can delete what I don't want, and albeit with a little searching, can extract it from an old version
yep...a bin would most definately be a timely addition (i hope they're taking notes!) but in the mean time i agree with a lot of the guys; the neatest way to pack everything up is to remove the output of the tracks, pack them into an organised folder(s) and hide them. presto!
Packing stuff into hidden folders and saving incrementally are both excellent ideas. I tend to save a lot of versions anyway as i am anal retentive about such things. I'm still crossing my fingers for a midi bin though.
I keep my MIDI-files in the audio-files folder. I put MIDI chunks in there with Com-Alt-E. They don't do any harm and from there I can drag them into the arrange-window where ever I need them. I have my browser-tab looking into my audio-files folder so I switch between bin and browser. Audio-bin shows audio only and Browser shows audio and MIDI, (a bit like the Apple-loop window works). It's the closest I can get to a real MIDI-bin. Putting them there is no problem except I have to name them.. so drag and drop would be nice.

Of course I could have a separate folder with only MIDI and switch bin-browser but now I can choose to drag audio or MIDI into the arrange-window to find what works best for my need.