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Hello all- Newb question. Using a Motu Micro lite 5x5 midi interface. 4 synths plugged into it, 1 in, 4 out. When changing midi channels in Logic Studio 9 for one synth, it changes all the channels on the other ports. Is there some way to set up each midi track in LP to reflect the individual midi ports to each synth AND be able to change midi channels on each port without affecting the other ports and their midi channels? Confusing I know. Suffice it to say, each port goes to each synth, each synth has multiple channels. I want to change the channel on one synth without it doing the same thing on the other synths. Every time I change the channel on one midi track, it changes the channel on the other synths even though I have each midi track going to a different port in LS9. Hope that's clear. :eeek:
Open your environment layer, go to midi objects, add 4 multi channel objects, and name each one after the synth you want to control. Assign the correct ports to each multi, and enable the channels you want by clicking on them... this removes the line through the channel making it active.

Now when you add a new midi track, select the correct multi and you should be good to go, assuming you have the synth setup to receive the way you want as well: multi mode on or off, etc.

one other thing: if your controller is being used as a synth, be sure to turn local off, or you will hear 2 notes per key pressed.

Peter Ostry

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... add 4 multi channel objects ...
In case you don't find multi channel objects, look for "Multi-Instrument", which is the name in Logic.

(George speaks a little generic today, probably because this is the 2,387th occasion for him to explain the same thing :))


Found the way to do it. Go to audio midi setup in your utility folder under apps, create new instruments, name them, attach them to your midi device. In the arrange window, add a new track with external midi, open media browser, click library, you should see your instruments names, assign them freely to whatever midi track you want to use. Create new midi tracks for however many midi channels each instrument supports. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.