Logic Pro 9 Midi Clock Sync Question


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Hi; I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I thought I'd see if anyone on the forum has encountered this problem.

I have Logic 9 connected to a DSI Tetra, Monoevolver, Monomachine through a MOTU Micro Express. When I go to project settings under sync, and check one instrument, all of the instruments seem to sync to clock just fine.

If I were to select multiple instruments or all, the clock output doubles :errr:

Strange behavior.


Hi there,

really strange, working here with an AMT-8 and in position "All" (checkbox at send clock), and it works just fine.

How do you know it "doubles" ?? Did you check with a MIDI monitor ?

Or do they just not sync or stutter ?

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Thanks for the reply maxim. I can't be sure if it 'doubles' - that's a guess based on tapping out the tempo. As for midi monitoring, I was not aware you could monitor a signal leaving logic - only external input. I am pretty new to logic. How do you monitor output?

Some stranger info:
1. When I synchronise 1 device, other devices sync appropriately to clock
2. When I check 2 different devices in each destination, both devices double the clock
3. When I click all in one destination, the tempo is running at a pace that may be 4x - can't be sure.

I think this may be the MOTU, but am still so new to Logic that I might have missed something.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Hmmm ... strange you say if only one instrument gets the clock the others sync fine. How are they connected ? Does every device have it's dedicated output on the midi interface or do you daisy-chain them ? If the latter, this is not very reliable with the clock I think.

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Forgot to say: I tried once some micro interface from M-Audio (USB to 1 MIDI In & 1 MIDI Out) - it didn't work AT ALL with some of my outboards (Doepfer Dark Energy). I was shocked ! And I am talking about MIDI notes, I think the Clock is sending more data.

If everything fails you may consider buying one of the bigger (=more reliable) MIDI interfaces.

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make sure the clocks on the tetra and the evolver are COMPLETELY slaved. I've had some super annoying problems with my evolver starting sequence on other gear when i hit a key as it has some pretty unique midi and triggering options. it's possible that both the evolver and the interface are both sending clock signals. Also try the various midi through options on the DSIs. He means to make them more powerful for live use with this stuff but it does make computer sequencing a little trickier. :brkwl:
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Unplug the MIDI output connector of the hardware synth. If the problem goes away, then you had a feedback issue, where the synth was regenerating the clock and feeding it back to itself via Logic.
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