MIDI controller-only recommendations, please


I'm currently using an obsolete M-Audio MIDI controller with LP 9.

I believe I should get something better for classical music composition.

I need only the USB controller; use L. for synthesis.

Any recommendations for a really solid, reliable, compatible, 88-key MIDI controller, please?

Ideally weighted with Velocity and Aftertouch.

Is the M-Audio Keystation 88es up to the job?

I want reliability over features. Just the MIDI!

A site with reviews, buyer's guide etc?

Thanks so much for your suggestions!


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Novation Remote SL MK1 or MK2. they are great keybords got everything you need plus AUTO map which actualy works ;). both mk1 and 2 have there ups and downs but at the core is a great keybord with the best keys i reckon (on any consumer midi KB)

Mk1 has the advantage of 2 LED screens and easy preset settings

While Mk2 has advantage of Touch sensitive controlls , Speed Dial and LEDs arround the pots allso i think the drumpads are alittle better than mk1 but still are not perfect

i own both a 61slmk1 and 25slmk2 and have used few other KBs before becomeing a novation fanboy trust me they are woth the extra penys ;)


You should hands down consider the novation sl mkii's. Any key size would do, but since you said you're making classical, I would consider the 49 key or above. Also, since soundscape, texture, and digital headroom is very important, the novations would be great due to "Automap" software and its great integration with Logic Pro's plug ins and its mixer.

Consider your price range. Novations can get pricey, depending on how much your willing to spend.

You should also look into the M-Audio axiom series.

Off the bat, since you said classical, I assumed you do play the piano or have previous classical training and experience, which is why i didn't mention and pad-style controllers.
You can't go wrong with the novations, especially for logic. They're built really well and have all the features you need, if not more.

hope i helped