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Greetings. I'm after some help on using my Novation xiosynth 25 to input notes into Logic 8 when I use the PPG Wave software instrument.

When I use the Logic built in instruments it works fine but not with the PPG

Any help is appreciated.
I am a novice with all of this. Any idea what I should be setting the ppg to?
I can't seem to find the settings area for the PPG
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My answer was just a guess. I do not know the PPG but the manual will certainly tell you if the MIDI channel is important or not.
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Can you post a screen shot of the instrument once you enable it and the settings?

If you drop open the Inst 1 section, you should see your Midi Channel settings, by default they should be set to All...see if this is right.

Also note, I've selected the track (track 1) if I move to the next track depending on settings, I don't hear anything on Track 1.

Give that a shot first.



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