Logic Pro 8 midi device setup help


I am using Logic Studio with a Presonus Firestudio Project and a M-audio midisport 2x2. I have my Yamaha DT Express 3 kit connectied via midisport 2x2 (into a USB 2.o port) and am using EZDrummer. I have my Korg Triton connected via midi using the Firestudio Project interface (which is going to my new Imac via Firewire). When I record one track at a time all works well. When I try to record simultaneously, the Korg triggers the keyboard sound and the EZdrummer sound??? In the environment window all I see is the Presonus Firestudio, I do not see the Midisport. How do I see the Midisport in the environment and how do I set this up to record simultaneously?
There are a couple of questions. Let's start with the interface: Do you see the MidiSport in your Mac's Audio/Midi Setup?

If not, reboot the computer. If the interface doesn't show up in Audio/MIDI setup, check if you have the the correct/latest/appropriate Driver for the MidiSport installed.
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Okay, then what does your Physical Input show?
(Environment, Layer Click&Ports.)

It looks like the screenshot below, you should see 1 Port of the Firestudio and 2 Ports of the MidiSport. Maybe they are not properly named but they should show up in the list:

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To further clarify my objective: I want to play the Korg Triton and trigger software keyboards within Logic while my daughter is playing the Yamaha Drums triggering EZdrummer and record this while we are playing.
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Yeah I understand now what you want but you got to see the MidiSport in Logic. Then the other problem might be automatically solved.

I assume you restarted Logic several times since you have this setup. I know only of two "normal" situations where a MIDI device would not show up in Logic and one device triggers another one:

  1. Some software is running that hides the MidiSport out ports and sends the drumset to the keyboard. MidiPipe for example.
  2. The MidiSport is internally patched and hides the port itself (if this is even possible).
Is there an editor for the MidiSport, do you run patching software, did you buy a used MidiSport, did it ever work?

Does anything of the above ring a bell?

Even if the MIDI cables are not correctly connected, it's USB, the MidiSport must show up in Logic. But you say that the keyboard gets triggered by the drums - disconnect the ingoing MIDI from the keyboard (both ends). This is better for the investigation anyway.
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It is a new Midisport - bought it today. I have restarted the computer with no luck. The drums are now connected through the Firestudio and they only trigger the EZdrummer when that track is record enabled. The Korg is connected via the Midisport and it only triggers the software keyboard instruments when that track is enabled. When I record enable both tracks, the drums still only trigger the drum track but the Korg is triggering both the keyboard software and ezdrummer at the same time??? I downloaded the driver again from the M-Audio site, but still the Midisport shows up in the Midi/Audio devices on the computer but does not show up in Logic-Environment-Clicks and Ports window?
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If I only record enable the EZdrummer track, The Yamaha drums will trigger it and the Korg will trigger it even though the Korg track is not record enabled.
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If both instruments work independently, then the MidiSport must be here. You either overlooked it or it does not deliver a port name (never seen that, though). We can deal with it later.

First, try to set the MIDI channels for the both instruments in the Arrange window. They are in the Inspector on the left side, maybe you have to click the little triangle to open the settings. The channels are default at "All". Set the keyboard to 1 if it sends on this channel and the drums come usually on channel 10.

If this doesn't work better, you have to use direct cabling in the environment. For that we need to find the MidiSport.
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I set the keyboard channel to 1 and the drum channel to 10. Now the drums triggers both tracks like the korg did and the korg still triggers both tracks.
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Well, we cable them directly. If somebody knows a simpler way than described below, you are welcome.

In your case it is easiest to make it MIDI-channel based. As a side effect we don't have to search for the MidiSport (lazy me ;))


Do the following, just take channel 10 from the splitter instead of my channel 2:


The monitor objects show you what happens. And the two monitors after the Splitter act as distributors. In my example one output of the upper monitor goes directly to the 1nstrument channelstrip 1 and the other to the sequencer. The lower monitor goes to instrument 2 and also to the sequencer. That way the instruments are always triggered by their input devices and in parallel the notes go to the sequencer for recording.

In case you don't know how to cable to the instrument channels: Either open a second environment window with the channelstrips and pull the cable from the monitor to the strip in the other window or hold the alt key down, click on the output of the monitor and select the instruments in the popup menu:



Now go to the arrange window, select any track but not one of the instruments you are going to play.

Play the keyboard and the drums and both should sound as expected.


For recording select any track but not one of the instruments you are going to play. Enable recording only on this track and record.

After recording you have only one MIDI region. It contains the events of both channels. Activate the region and demix by event channel:


This will give you the two regions you want. Drag them to their appropriate instrument tracks.


mhm ... I am used to direct cabling but I think there was another way ... anyone?
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