Logic Pro 8 Midi dropping out


Hi guys, new here. I am building a new composition & production studio but am having problems with midi dropping out after a few minutes.

I am using an external keyboard (a Waldorf synth with Midi Out via a midi cable) to control Logic Instruments.

I can play an instrument for a few minutes but then it stops playing, so I then go to the midi settings of Logic and press the "reset all midi drivers" button and the midi works again.. for a bit.

I am using a new (the first) Logic 8 install on a Quad G5 of Logic 8 and an M-Audio Midisport 4x4

Has anyone else had this problem? what can you suggest for resolution?

Many thanks in advance
Which version of Logic, which version of OS X, which version of the midisport (there have been 2) and which driver are you using for the midisport?
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...connected via mid leads (i.e. not usb) of course. I can see the green light coming on the midisport when I press a key so its getting that far. The midisport exits in the midi / audio utilities app in OSX and does initially work in Logic but after a few minutes it will stop working and need to be reset in the midi preferences in logic. THen it works again for a few minutes...
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Unfortunately I have the older version (Midiman name on it) before M-audio even owned Midiman, and I'm also on a 2008 Mac Pro not PPC.

Something does sound strange though, you're probably going to have to try different usb cable (does the pulsing light on the midisport go off?) & possibly midi cable and perhaps even a few driver versions. Driver issue or some usb conflict (power saving perhaps?)

I know that with my MOTU micro express the most recent driver throws up a lot of errors in Console and will even occasionally cause KP with the usb driver, with that driver it seems to conflict with any other usb devices operating. But using the version previous to it fixed the problem, purely by trial & error.
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I was running the midisport via a USB hub (powered). I need the power but saw on another site that the power can cause problems so I re-routed the USB cable from the midisport directly to the mac and so far it is working fine.

I just hope I dont find too many devices that need a direct USB socket.. not that many to share around......
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Ah glad you got it sorted. As with all things...lots of variables. Mine works fine via my hub btw, in fact both my MOTU and my Midisport do, but I take care to put USB2, USB1.0 & USB1.1 devices on hubs dedicated to each (since the hub will be dragged down to the lowest speed for all.)
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