Logic Pro 9 Midi Drum Samples


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Hey, I used to use Ableton Live to do all of my recording (I got it free with a line6 usb interface I bought). In that program, I was able to drag and drop midi files and attach instruments to them. After attaching the instrument, I was then able to switch out the basic drum samples for my own recorded samples.

I've figured out how to attach some of Logic's drum sets to my midi files, but I cannot figure out how to switch the samples out for my own, if it's even possible.

Can anybody help me out?

Pete Thomas

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In EXS 24 you go into the edit section (button near top right of EXS interface). There you will see a small triangle in the audio file list. Click on that and choose "load audiofile".

A finder widow opens and you select the drum you want to replace it with.

Alternatively, you can open the finder and just drag and drop an audiofile onto the zone in the zone list.

You may want to use "save as" rather than save the instrument or it will overwrite the preset instrument.
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