Logic Pro X Midi help requested

I am not sure where this should go as I am new here, but here is what I am trying to do:

I do use logic for live performances as my group is a duo and at best a trio.

I have have Technics SX P-50 that I use as a midi controller and love the Yamaha Grand Piano sound in Logic X. I recently wanted to add a second midi controller which is actually a 'Rock Band' Drum Kit which I mapped out using a program called 'Game Pad Companion' and it works (to my delight)

Now here is where things do not play well together:

When I added the drum kit to logic and try and play live I get both drum and piano sounds, and I also get the drum and piano sounds coming from the Technics piano as well. Is there any way that Logic can differentiate from each controller so drum sounds are only played from the Drums kit and PIano sounds from the keyboard controller? Any help is much appreciated.