Logic Pro 9 MIDI import volume question?


I am using Logic 9 on a MacBook OS10.11.
When exporting MIDI from Mulitrack Studio another music DAW.
I have my volume levels set at “0.0” when I export to Logic 9 they come in reading “+1.9”.
What could be causing this?
Shouldn’t they be the same.
Thank you for your time.


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You need to open the individual MIDI Regions in the event list, and check for any volume settings there. In most cases when importing MIDI, it makes sense to remove any such volume settings (same goes for pan, program numbers etc.)

HTH, kind regards

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I do what you've written in a different way.
I use Midi>Transform-parameter set> Program Change Delete (delete) Control and Program.
This clears any midi controls volume etc and program changes.
I contacted the Developer of the MultiTrack Studio Daw "Giel Bremmers"
This was his reply:"Well, no. MIDI numbers are 0..127. If it's 0.0 or 1.9 it's something the developer thought looks nice"
Not sure I understand what he is telling me. He is a nice guy and always helpful.
Thank you again for replying I appreciate it.
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He's right. MIDI Volume goes from 0 - 127 or from min - max. How much level 127 is depends on the hardware of the synth..
In Logic's software instruments, MIDI Volume 90 translates to a fader position of 0.0, while 127 translates to +6dB. But this is completely arbitrary and could be any other numbers.
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Thank you for replying as well. Yes Logic sets 90 as 0.0 and Multitrack Studio Daw uses 100 as 0.0 so it reads 1.9 in Logic When imported.
as an extra over share I have always been amazed how little consistency there is between applications.
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