Logic Pro 9 MIDI Input on audio channel


Hello guys!

I have an audio track with the MIDI channel set to 1. The first insert on this track is the Vocal Transformer plug-in. Through transformers in the environment, I am using MIDI input on channel 6 to control VocTran's pitch fader (on channel 1). This is working fine when track 1 is selected and no track is record-enabled. However, if I select any other track or if I record enable all tracks (which is what I want to do) it stops working.

Any ideas why the audio track stops receving the fader events from the environment in those cases ?

P.S. MIDI demixing is activated.
I'm not an environment expert, but I think you've built this in the wrong way by putting this in the Clicks and Ports layer. You have everything affected before it ever comes into Logic and I'd bet that's the problem.

I'd look at doing something inside Logic - I'd think you'd need to cable directly to the channel strip.
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Doug, I must tell you : you're the man! It works fine now. I'm not sure I fully understand why it does... but it does. Here's the modified setup:

Basically, it's the same thing except I'm now sending the fader data directly into the appropriate track. I guess the sequencer played tricks with that data before delivering it...
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What's happening is your first set-up was subject to your track selection within Logic. Logic always routes MIDI to the selected track/channel strip. By routing it the way you have you've directly assigned your information to that channel strip, thus independent of Logic's assignments.

Glad it worked out. My guess is there are different ways to route this, but if it works now, keep it!
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