Logic Pro 9 MIDI instrument parameters assignable via CC knobs (quantize, transposition)?


Is it possible to assign MIDI controller CC assignments in a way that will allow me to control the following Logic MIDI instrument parameters via knobs on my MIDI controller?

I would love to have control over the following parameters of whatever track or MIDI region is selected at any given time:


My Akai LPD8 is begging me to be able to assign these parameters as CC events with the Akai LPD8 controller editor software.

It might seem silly, but being able to twist a knob to control toggling between these drop-down parameters would make for some intuitive, hands-on creative control while in performance/creation mode, or really as a means to audition different ideas. Why should these tools be only for tedious editing?

I understand that I wouldn't be able to record these event changes as MIDI automation data, but they would be great to get a feel of what I am looking for during creative sessions.

Anyone know if this is possible? I didn't see that it was obvious to do so, though I am just getting into mapping my custom controls with Logic.

Thanks so much!