Logic Pro 9 MIDI Instruments have no output after record


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I am having an intermittent issue when recording midi in Logic 9:

I add an ESX to a track and am able to play the instrument and record a pass. When I play back I hear nothing and I'm no longer get output from the instrument. No audio registers on the track meter.

If I duplicate the track and move the newly recorded MIDI data to the new track I can play back what I just recorded and play the instrument with no problem.

I can't reproduce the problem consistently, but it seems to happen more often when I am working in a project with a movie open within Logic (which is mostly what I do, since I'm scoring films). Once a project is exhibiting this behavior it happens more often than not.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - it's driving me nuts!



My Setup:

2 x 2.66 Dual Core Intel Xeon
9 gig Ram
Logic 9.1.1 32 bit

Apogee Ensemble


This is a known issue with Logic and as a MIDI guy can drive me nuts. :eeek: If you save your project and close it, then reopen it, (sometimes you have to shut down Logic too, but that is also inconsistent) you will see that the regions are muted. Highlight them, hit m to unmute the tracks and you can continue on. I'd hoped this would be fixed already. Maybe we will see a fix soon...

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Having similar problems and on some different ports and some midi channels Logic keeps sending 0 volume somewhere only to the midi module not visable in Logic. I shut automation and hyper edit on and off...... Doesn't show up in the sequence as a vol change. This happens when I hit stop. the only way to hear the mod is to touch the volume anywhere (of course you can't do that to 2 or 3 units when tracking or recording (unbelievable) can't stop it. Don't even know what to do. Needs a fix qiuckly. Might have to go back to Logic 6 in system 9. My gosh!!!!!!
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