Midi interface advice?

I'm in the throes of setting up my music studio and I would like to be able to access the sounds in my Yamaha PSR 3000. I've received advice that I need to feed the audio of the PSR 3000 into an interface via 1/4" cables. I also have a Yamaha Clavinova CLP 360 as an input device.

I happened to find something for sale locally that might do the trick: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB Interface 8X8 with MX Core DSP Technology, compatible with MAC OSX. Does anybody know whether this device would work for me?

Advice would be greatly appreciated,
The MIDI connections are for MIDI data, they do not carry any sound. You need MIDI to play software instruments, to record MIDI notes in Logic and (if you want) to send MIDI notes to the keyboard(s). You have two keyboards which can be daisy-chained so you will need an interface with one MIDI-input and one MIDI output. This works if you set the two keyboards to different MIDI channels.

The audio connections are for the sound. Let's talk about inputs first. I think you want the PSR 3000 in stereo, for that the interface needs 2 line inputs. The Clavinova has also 2 audio outputs, you may use them both or only one (for mono). Makes 4 audio inputs. You may have a microphone or get one in the near future, therefore you need at least one mic input (preamp).

And you need audio outputs. Two for the monitor boxes are the minimum. And you certainly want to connect headphones.

Here are our minimum specs:

1 MIDI in, 1 MIDI out
4 line inputs
1 mic input
2 line outputs
Headphones out


Now you got to find an Audio/MIDI interface that is bigger than the minimum specs say. For your setup I would recommend the following:

1 MIDI in, 1 MIDI out
6 line inputs
2 mic inputs
4 line outputs
Headphones out

Christian Sjonnesen said:
I happened to find something for sale locally that might do the trick: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB Interface 8X8 with MX Core DSP Technology
Actually this interface fits very well to your setup. I do not know the M-Audio interfaces but you cannot expect the quality of RME or Focusrite for example.

If you want very good quality the specs point to the RME Fireface 400 but this is pretty expensive. My next choice would be a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, still more expensive than the M-Audio interface you mention. The Saffire Pro 24 is cheaper but it fells shortly below our minimum specs ... I wouldn't do that ...

Onboard DSP? That's nice for live performances or to get some effects during recording but not really necessary. If you find something better than M-Audio and still within your budget, don't see DSP as an important criteria.