Logic Pro 9 Midi Issues - Little Phatty / Prophet 08


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Gear in use when issues occur:
DSI Prophet 08'
Moog Little Phatty with factory CV conversion (Vers 3.2 Software)
iMac i7 Turbo
MOTU Midi Lite (Midi)
Apogee Quartet (Audio)
Midi all via Din (Have tried USB on LP)

I have read zillions of people complaining about External Midi issues in Logic 9 and have not found any definitive answers...

I am also having multiple midi issues when using logic 9 with both the Moog Little Phatty and the Prophet O8. These issues are:

Little Phatty:
- Hung notes - Continual noise after playing keys or stoping logic transport
- Losing complete midi and having to constantly rescan midi to sometimes get back the midi connection - This often doesn't work.
- Misses notes when played back

Prophet 08
- Hung / Sustain notes
- Missed notes when played back after recording
- Losing complete midi and having to constantly rescan midi
- CC issues - Parameters etc - This is just simply crazy!!???

I have set up midi connections using the following ways:
- Stand Alone editors (Rekon etc)
- Setting up Prophet 08' / MoogLP Environments and creating Midi instruments with audio channel to monitor
- Setting up Prophet 08' / MoogLP Environments choosing software instrument and selecting external instrument from environment list
- Setting up Devices in OSX Midi and wiring to MOTU ports - Then selecting external midi in Logic.

None of these work. Furthermore, I have changed numerous settings on my synths - like local control, sending/Receiving CC's, using din/usb on the moog - Basically, every single motherfunkin' option... And I've come to a grinding halt with no answers.

All I really want to know is - Is this just Logic 9 and is it utterly rubbish when dealing with external synths? And should I purchase another DAW?

Or does anyone have a working Moog LP and Prophet 08' using Logic 9 and willing to discuss their set up, environments etc..

These issues make you physically sick when you've got work to do... and having to do everything with these synths live is obviously a slow and tedious edit situation.

Any help from LP and Prophet 08' users would be much appreciated.

p.s. I've also sent two emails to Dave Smith and Moog - If I receive news from them - I will update this thread.
Sounds like a hardware issue to me, simply because I've used external stuff for years, and have had very few issues like these, unless I have a bad midi interface, a bad USB cable, or the ports on the computer are messed up.

You don't mention what version of Logic pro or the OS you are running...

I'd check these things out first.
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Logic Pro - 9.1.8
OSX - 10.8.2

Yes, I feel the same way. I'm going to re-install logic tomorrow and try another Midi Interface on Monday. All cables new and fine - I've avoided the USB and just using Midi Din via MOTU. I've also already replaced/updated MOTU midi driver.

I just wondered if any LP or Prophet users had similar issues and resolved?

Anyway, fingers crossed the re-install / midi interface change may lead to an answer or resolve.... I hope!!!???
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Do you have another Mac you can test the synths on? I would go for hardware changes first, change cables, interfaces, computers (just as a test that is).

Can't say I have used these specific synths with Logic Pro, but in my 20 plus years with Logic, I have only seen this kinda thing when there is a hardware issue...

Mind you, midi drivers can also be an issue (like the current situation with M-Ausio and their drivers sing Avid sold them), but one can often locate older versions if required.
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Yes, I have a MBPro (10.6.8) with same version of logic which I could test on. I'll give that a go tomorrow.

Thanks for the nod in the right direction.
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After trying setup on MBPro - All was well and worked fine. I did a complete re-install of Logic 9 and cleaned out the logic preferences and updated all drivers for MOTU and my apogee audio interface, as that was also hanging up when quitting logic.

Everything is now working as it should.

Thanks for your help and pushing me in the right direction. Now I can get on with some work! : )

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I am using logic 9, and a motu micro lite, a moog little phatty, a nord piano, and a prophet 08 all midi din. I do not get any of the issues you have raised. I set everything up in the audio midi set up, connecting it to the motu, and then assigning an individual midi channel to each, both in the midi set up, and in the hardware menus. then then went into logic, and added the instruments, not using the environment, but just by adding an external midi track, and then choosing from the list on the right of the screen in the library tab, I double checked all the midi channels were set correctly, and then saved it as a template, it works fine without any of the issues you have said.

I do however get duplicated notes when i am playing into logic on one of the instruments, but I have started another thread about that issue, I believe it has to do with an M-audio axiom being connected over USB, interfering with the motu. Anyway I hope some of this helps!
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