Logic Studio apps Midi Learn Function: midi foot controller help

I recently purchased an ART X-11 midi foot controller from the 80s to use in mainstage to trigger samples/record guitar and vocal loops. It's wired through my Tascam US-122's midi-in port. Mainstage receives the midi signal but when I try to use the auto-learn function, it doesn't work. The very first button on the pedalboard sends the signal "p 1 0 0". The next button "p 1 0 1", the next "p 1 0 2" and so forth. I don't know enough about midi to know what that means so I don't know how to enter that in manually. Can anyone help me out? I spent 60 bucks on this thing and I was super stoked to start using it.

Thanks :D

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Your foot controller sends messages of the type Program Change. To control buttons or faders in Mainstage you need Control Change, for buttons you can also use notes. At the moment your controller can only switch Patches, this function works with Program Change in Mainstage.

Unfortunately Mainstage has no MIDI input processing, so you can do nothing in the program itself.

You may:

  • Configure your controller to send Program Change, Control Change and/or notes, depending on what you want to control.

  • Use another program to transform your Program Changes to another or different message types. MidiPipe for example.