Logic Pro 7 & earlier MIDI No Input

Lee Frazier

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I'm using version 5.5 for Windows. Everything was working fine, but then the virtual MIDI keyboard in the evironment quit showing input as did the monitor. The master controller is no longer sending MIDI into Logic but Soundiver is monitoring it fine. I've checked all the settings under options for MIDI and none of them have changed. What might I have done or set to inhibit the MIDI data from reaching Logic. I have never had this problem arise before and I'm quit at a loss here for ideas. I've been using Logic for 8 years now. I feel really quite stupid.

Howard W


At one time or another Logic probably had a MIDI error and disabled a port.

In the Windows directory is a file named WIN.INI.

There you will find a list of Logic and Soundiver MIDI_Ports, each one will end with a number. I'm guessing Logic renamed one of the ports you were using so that it ends in 0, which is disabled, change it to 1, save the file and try Logic again. Use notepad to edit WIN.INI, it's a text file.

Might want to make a copy of WIN.INI before editing, just for safety.


p.s. Sounddiver MIDI ports will proably have a 7 instead of 1.

1 means the port was tested working. 7 means the port was tested good with sysex.
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