Logic Pro X Midi not recording same quality in Logic Pro 4.5


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Hi all, my problem is recording in Logic pro the problem seems to be between the midi sounds that are coming out of the keyboard and the inferior recorded sounds! When I play EG a violin part just on the keyboard is is sweet and dynamic but when recorded they are inferior by quite a degree. I am using Chris Hines Solo Strings. Anybody have an answer to this bewildering problem?

Pete Thomas

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I'm a bit confused when you say "coming out of the keyboard". If you are using Logic you would not be hearing sounds coming out of your Mac /interface, not the keyboard. If the keyboard has onboard sounds, that's a different kettle of fish and you'd need to either get them into Logic via digital or analogue connection. But as you mention Chris Hein Solo Strings, I don't think that is what you mean.

Have you contacted Chris? He is good at support.
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Hi thanks for replying. Problem sorted, the volume automation was affecting the overall sound but it is all working fine now. I meant the sounds that were being played back after recording into logic. Clear as mud but as I have said, all is well.Thanks again Pete.