Logic Pro 8 Midi not working with Edirol UA 25

Steve Sprung

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I am trying to use my Edirol UA 25 with Logic but it is not being recognized.
It used to work with my older version of Logic (7) but doesn't with my current version (8). When I try it in Garage Band it still works.
Any ideas?
Well, I haven't used the Midi on my UA-25 (just started using it two days ago), but I think I read somewhere that you have to have a ASIO driver installed. Please forgive me if I can't help you much.
But perhaps you can help me? I'm trying to get the audio to work. I can play music through the UA-25 but when I enable a track to record, I can't get my guitar to sound. I've made sure my audio hardware driver is set to the UA-25 and I made my input and output the same in my system preferences. I can get audio to make sound through the unit, but I can't get my guitar to sound when I enable a track to record.
Any thoughts?
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It's a bit naughty bit I have a UA25EX and have had similar problems when I sometimes use the interface and sometimes don't. The poor ibook get's very confused and eben if the preferences say use of external interface it still doesn't work. i found this tip through frustration. You unplug the USB connection and then plug it in again.

Extraordinary I know, but it works for me. I've always assumed this is a mac problem not an interface problem.

As for midi I have been successful in transfering midi files from ibook to my Roland drumkit TD12. This was done using the software Vdrumlib. This is very specific to my application, but this software ultimately asks where is the file that you want to send, you browse and find the file and then you click send.

Astonishingly it works.

I really really do not understand midi for toffees but there you go.

Take care, I doubt if this was any help but peace anyway.
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