Logic Pro 9 MIDI Out


Can anybody tell me how to set a CTRL value to a Logic MIDI output.
I am trying to send the metronome output to an external MIDI device.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Evironment, Layer "Click & Ports".
Local menu -> New -> Instrument.
Rename the instrument, set the MIDI out port (and channel if you want) in the Inspector to the left.

If you activate the "MIDI Click" icon, you can set the messages (notes and velocity).



Your external device does not understand MIDI Clock? If it does you can just send it the clock without an Environment patch.
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Hi Peter

Thanks for this suggestion and your help here. Yes the pedal is looking for a specifc CTRL assignment - No. 20. I think that it will ignore any MIDI signal other than this. I'll try this and your suggestion from the other thread. Sorry to have two threads on this - I started with the one that mentions the Replica - but I figured that people who actually do know how to do this may be put off by the mention of the equipment in the title. So I started another question. Apologies for any confusion.
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