Logic Pro X MIDI over Ethernet


Hi. Trying to use my late 2013 MacBook pro running Catalina, along with my new (2018) Mac mini, running Mojave connected via MIDI networking over Ethernet.
Got it all working, except when I send midi notes from the mini to the MBP, they act as commands rather than notes, i.e. start/stop, record, RTZ, save, cycle........ It's driving me nuts!!!!
I think it must be an LPX issue, because running SD3 in stand alone mode on the MBP receives the note on info from the mini and triggers the drum sounds.
No MIDI input is showing either in the panel or monitor in the environment on the MBP......
Running LPX 10.5 on both machines, wired network via an Ethernet switch.
Basically, I'm trying to use the MBP as an orchestral expansion. I know I could use MIDI chi interfaces/cables, but I need to network the machines anyway, and this SHOULD work by all accounts.
I hope someone can help!!!!!!!

TIA etc etc...



It appears it IS in fact a problem with logic, as garage band also receives perfectly.
Anybody else running up against this issue?
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