Logic Pro X MIDI Port problem.


In a suite of projects where a couple require MIDI to external module then record the module output back to the project.

Did the first one without any trouble.

Several projects down the line, a second one is driving me crazy.

I can see the MIDI region buzzing away:
I can see the track object is the Port
I can see the Port is connected to Sapphire ( audio interface)

No MIDI is coming out of Sapphire.

I've put a MIDI tester over the Sapphire output, nothing. NOTE: Even when I run the first, previously successful project. Still nothing

I've restarted both iMac and Sapphire.
I've tested the MIDI cable.

What other troubleshooting would you suggest?




Thanks CSeye. Yes I do. However this update is important:

We set the AudioMIDI settings to default and
Opened a new song with one Software Instrument track...

and it worked!

We were able to load the current Project, re-loaded our regular AusioiMIDI set.

and it output MIDI as expected,

We reckon that some bug was lurking in the Logic settings that we cleared by opening a New Project.
We changed no settings as such.

Panic over

thanks again