Logic Pro 9 MIDI problem, maybe logic or not logic


got myself a vintage roland jv1000 connected by a simple MIDI-USB interface.
When playing back jv1000 performances than all is well but playing back single patches then MIDI notes just streames rigth out without any MIDI-off. Logic's indicator shows MIDI-off messages but all notes are long. I have reset the JV to default-settings. Maybe one of you understands or have experience of that old keyboard. What can it be, is it the simple 16 ch. USB plug 'n play MIDI-interface or what?

So Roland works fine, groups of performances works aswell. Playing single patches fine, but Logic will return the MIDI notes from single patches without any notes-off although the MIDI-indicator shows MIDI-off messages in logic.
I might try to rephrase the question:
Does any one know what the difference is between the key note-off symbol (with a diagonal line over it) and the written word "off" in the note-monitor in the environment-window?

That's the only difference I can find. When I play the QWERTY-keyboard it shows the small note-symbol and then the word "off". When I use the roland keyboard, the monitor shows the same small note-symbol and then the note-symbol with a diagonal line over it, not the word "off". And the note just keep sounding out of control. Has any one the knowledge of what the difference is?
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